John Van G by MONU

Mixed Compacts

Bronze Compact


The John van G range is built around a system of magnetic compacts which come in an array of different sizes.

This version is an empty compact which can hold up to three eyeshadows or one eyeshadow and a blusher magnet. With a bronze finish to the outer casing. (available in larger sizes)

Applicators and Accessories


Double Sharpener 


A double sharpener which will fit both Coversticks and Soft Touch pencils.

Large Powder Brush


These brushes are very soft and can be used for dusting loose powder all over the face, they can also be used to apply hints of bronzer to the skin


Mini Blusher Brush


A mini blusher brush which will fit into a compact for three eyeshadows plus.

Mini Eyeshadow Applicator


A mini eyeshadow applicator which will fit into a compact to hold two eyeshadows.


Single Sharpener


A single sharpener for use with the Soft Touch pencils and Eyebrow pencils.


John V G Blusher Magnets  £6.95


Used to highlight cheekbones, blushers give a sculptured look to any make-up. These blushers have been designed to fit into the exclusive magnetic compacts.

  Barely There B8  
  Blush B48  
  Golden Apricot B19  
  Golden Bronze B4  
  Jasper B46  
  Just Peachy B7N  
  Light Shimmering Pink B18  
  Mahogany B6  
  Naturelle B37N  
  Pink Glow B36  
  Plush Pink B35  
  Salmon B28N  
  Shimmering Tan B2  
  Sweet Cheeks B33N  


Bronzing Compact Powder £16.50


The JVG Bronzing Compact Powder is a refillable tanning powder with SPF 12. It contains micro-fine components to give an especially soft and silky feeling skin whilst special pigments provide an even application. The powder provides a natural looking tan, this product is water repellent which means it has a long lasting finish.

                                      Suitable for every skin type.

                                      Fragrance free.

  Lightly Spiced and Sunkissed BPC2  
  Spice and Deep Bronze BPC5


Browsing Compact refill


A refill bronzing powder to clip into your existing compact.




  Lightly Spiced and Sunkissed RBPC2  
  Spice and Deep Bronze RBPC5

Bronzing Pearls $24.50


Bronzing pearls are manufactured in an intricate process using high quality loose powder but without the use of binding agents. These pearls combine the advantages of both loose powder and compact powder. JVG Bronzing Pearls ensure a mattified,                                                  naturally tanned appearing complexion. The powder pearls                                               enable an easy to achieve colour at the right intensity

  Golden Tan BP3  
  Terracotta BP2

Bronzing Powder gift set with Kabuki Brush


Get some natural glow with this lovely duo from JvG Make-up. Long-lasting bronzing compact with Kabuki brush. Great to use as a blusher or highlighter for face and body.

Comes in a presentation bag.

Shiny Mousse


This velvety smooth whipped mousse gives a healthy sun kissed glow to                             the skin.

  Golden Bronze SM4


Camouflage Cream Magnets £6.95


These magnets cover flaws in the skin perfectly and reliably. You can acheive fantastic coverage and give the ability to blend to any shade as two or more shades may be blended to achieve a perfect skin colour match. These concealers won't let anything show through! 

  Apricot CM7  
  Biscuit CM3  
  Ecru CM1  
  Honey Beige CM9  
  Porcelain CM8  
  Warm Almond CM

Cover Stick £9.95


To cover up pigmentation, cover shadows around the eyes, couperose and scars. Suitable for men. Fragrance free and available in 4 different shades. Use the green for red spots and broken capilliaries.


  Green CST6  
  Pinky Beige CST1

JVG Waterproof Cover Pencil £9.50


These pencils, available in two different shades are ideal for correcting minor imperfections and blemishes.  Apply the green tinted stick to reddened cheeks, or the natural shade to cover shadows around the corners of the nose. 

  Green WCP6  
  Honey WCP8  
  Natural CSW3

Natural Concealer £16.50


Use a natural concealer to camouflage and brighten the under eye area, lines and wrinkles. The light reflecting cream concealer glides on to the skin using a convenient brush applicator for a very precise and easy application. The complexion appears more even and radiant and has a fresher appearance.  

  • Water-repellent
  • Long-lasting
  • UV protection
  • Fragrance free
  Honey Beige NC3  
  Pinky Beige NC1

Eyebrow Pencils £6.50


Define eyebrows and give a neat and perfect finish to a makeover with these high quality, smudge proof pencils.

  Black EP1  
  Dark Brown EP2  
  Grey EP6  
  Light Brown EP4

Eyebrow Powders £6.95


Add definition and a natural look to your brows using eyebrow powder.  Apply with a small eyebrow brush, using light, feather- like strokes.

  Blonde EBP5  
  Dark Brown EBP2  
  Dark Grey EBP1


JVG Eyebrow Designers


Double ended soft tipped eyebrow pencil with combined brush applicator.

Avaiable in four shades.

JVG Eyebrow Shaper Kit £10.95


Eyebrow Shaper Kit a set of stencils in three shapes. The stencils facilitate the application of eyebrow powder.

The enclosed eyebrow brush enables an even and easy application of the eyebrow powder.

The box contains three different stencils (thin, natural, thick) which can be used depending on individual eyebrow shape.


Eyeshadow Magnets £4.95


A limitless collection of shades in shimmering pearly colours. The micro fine texture makes the product ultra-soft and gives an even finish and a long lasting effect. Suitable for wearers of contact lenses. Designed to fit into the JVG refillable magnetic compacts.

  Amethyst E90  
  Blackberry E92  
  Candy E87  
  Cool Copper E209  
  Damson Delight E89  
  Dusky Pink E14N  
  Enchanted Lilac E284  
  Girlie E93  
  Lilac E398  
  Mauve Marvel E283  
  Midnight Affair E287  
  Midnight Sky E88  
  Pashmina E289  
  Pink Frosting E94  
  Pink Sparkle E345  
  Pink Sugar E286  
  Plum E288  
  Powderpuff Pink E358  
  Purple Haze E82N  
  Smitten E85  
  Spiced Plum E291  
  Starry Eyed E98  
  Strong Lilac E83  
  Tawny Taupe E213  
  Venus E99

Eyeshadow Magnets - Earth £4.95


A limitless collection of shades in shimmering pearly colours. The micro fine texture makes the product ultra-soft and gives an even finish and a long lasting effect. Suitable for wearers of contact lenses. Designed to fit into the refillable JVG magnetic compacts.


  Antique E17  
  Apricot E298  
  Baked Earth E330  
  Bark E2  
  Chestnut E14  
  Choc Fudge - MATT E520  
  Cinnamon E16  
  Cocoa Glow E208  
  Cream E46  
  Ginger E211  
  Golden Peach E19N  
  Golden Shimmer E8  
  Hot Chocolate E206  
  Hot Fudge E207  
  Iced Mocha E15  
  Intrigue E7  
  Nutter Butter - MATT E514  
  Perfectly Peach E28  
  Rose Earth E18  
  Sand E29  
  Shimmering Pearl E11  
  Sparkling Champagne E372  
  Sugar n Spice E26N  
  Taupe E5  
  White Mocha E27N

Eyeshadow Magnets - Fire £4.95


A limitless collection of shades in shimmering pearly colours. The micro fine texture makes the product ultra-soft and gives an even finish and a long lasting effect. Suitable for wearers of contact lenses. Designed to fit into the refillable JVG magnetic compacts.

  Antique Brass E26  
  Antique Bronze E227  
  Baked Sand E41  
  Copper Flex E21  
  Golden Girl E36  
  Golden Truffle E382  
  Happy Endings E620  
  Mulberry E45N  
  Orange Zest E226  
  Sensual E631  
  Yellow Sands E645  

Eyeshadow Magnets - Metal £4.95


A limitless collection of shades in shimmering pearly colours. The micro fine texture makes the product ultra-soft and gives an even finish and a long lasting effect. Suitable for wearers of contact lenses. Designed to fit into the refillable JVG magnetic compacts.


  Silver Sparkle E6  
  Stardust E74  
  Steel E260  
  White Frost E10

Eyeshadow Magnets - Water £4.95


A limitless collection of shades shimmering pearly colours. The micro fine texture makes the product ultra-soft and gives an even finish and a long lasting effect. Suitable for wearers of contact lenses. Designed to fit into the refillable JVG magnetic compacts.

  Olive E245  
  Avocado E49  
  Bikini Blue E73  
  Bitter Lime E249  
  Bright Leaf Green E243  
  Cloud Nine E71  
  Deep Midnight Sky E79  
  Denim E266  
  Electric Blue E77  
  Frost E58  
  Golden Green E39  
  Golden Khaki E241  
  Golden Moss E247  
  Harvest Gold E43  
  Ice E388  
  Khaki E242  
  Liberty E69  
  Midnight Blue E272  
  Moss E51  
  Out All Night E65  
  Pale-Mint E244  
  Sage E390  
  Sky E75  
  Sky High E63  
  Soft-Mint E248  
  Spring Green E259  
  Steely Blue E52  
  Teal E61  
  Victorian Crush E40  
  Windsor Castle E80  
  Zest E268

The Liquid Precision Liner £9.50

The Liquid Precision Liners provide a wonderfully precise and defined line to the eye.  A fine nylon tip provides ease of application, they are quick drying and smudge free. 

  Black LPL1  
  Blue LPL20  
  Brown LPL3  
  Green LPL14  
  Olive Green LPL8  
  Purple LPL26

The Soft Touch Eyeliner £6.95


The Soft Touch Eyeliner has a pleasantly soft and creamy texture and enables an easy and precise application. After drying the Soft Touch Eyeliner is wipe and waterproof and extremely long-lasting.

  White STEL98  
  Aqua STEL72  
  Black STEL10  
  Bright Leafy Green STEL19  
  Charcoal STEL38  
  Chocolate STEL16  
  Copper STEL17  
  Deep Blue STEL45  
  Deep Purple STEL36  
  Emerald STEL21  
  Lilac STEL25  
  Moss STEL20  
  Navy STEL32  
  Olive STEL22  
  Peacock STEL23  
  Sky STEL76





Excellent Volumn Mascara


This mascara can make even skinny lashes look full and glossy. Whether your eyelashes are long or short, thick or thin, mascara is always an essential part of perfect eye make-up. In eye-catching black and gold packaging. 

  Black EVM

Complete Perfect Eyelashes Mascara

Provides maximum volume, curve and separation to the lashes.

  Black AIM  
  Blue AIM2  
  Brown AIM1

Eyeshadow Base £7.95


This colour neutral Eyeshadow Base with a soft, creamy consistency prevents the deposition of Eye Shadow in the eyelid crease and makes the powder eyeshadows highly long lasting, intense and brilliant. The eyeshadow will apply to the eye area much easier, distribute better and last longer. This way, little particles cannot become loose, making it ideal for contact lens wearers.


The base will also calm reddened eyelids with bisabolol and neutralises the colour of the eyelid. Vitamin E nourishes and protects the sensitive skin of the eyes. Suitable for use with all of our eyeshadows.


Double Finish Foundation £17.50


Double finish combines a cream foundation and powder in one, its creamy to apply and slightly powdery on the skin which lasts incredibly well. Presented in a refillable mirror compact with a sponge applicator. A refill is also available for the practical mirrored compact. Medium to full coverage for a normal to combination skin type. UV protection and Vitamin E to protect against harmful environmental influences. Fragrance Free.

  Apricot DF8  
  Blushing Beige DF2  
  Classic Beige DF5  
  Deep Tan DF4  
  Golden Tan DF6  
  Porcelain DF9




Makeup Base £15,50


Perfectly prepares the skin for the following foundation, the complexion looks more even and fresher. The skin feels softer and radiates youthful freshness. Optimises the durability of the foundation. Free of mineral oils and perfume. Protects the skin against UV. Suitable for all skin types

Silky Fluid Foundation £20.95


An exclusive foundation for a smooth and silky complexion. The creamy texture is soothing and intensively moisturising. The high quality foundation enhances moisture retention within the skin imparting a natural appearance. Contains UV filters and is fragrance free.


We would always recommend applying the JVG Make-Up Base under your foundation for it to last longer.

  Blushing Beige SF5  
  Fair SF29  
  Tan SF3  
  Warm Almond SF1

Soft Touch Foundation £21.50


Soft Touch Foundation has a triple action. This light reflecting foundation offers sheer luxurious coverage suitable for all skin types.  Presented in a glass jar.

  Apricot STF21  
  Blushing Beige STF15  
  Natural STF6  
  Nude STF10  
  Porcelain STF12  
  Toasted Almond STF18


JVG Lipstick Seal


Lipstick Seal, seals your lipstick with an invisible protective shield.

Contains natural ingredients and prevents lipstick from transferring, for                                   example, on glasses, cups and shirt collars as well as lipstick from feathering or                       bleeding into fine lines around the lips.

                     Lipstick Seal makes your lipstick waterproof

Lip Gloss Clear


Transparent light reflecting lip gloss which gives a brilliant, long-lasting shine. Practical applicator to ensure even application.

Lipstick £11.95


Due to the high beeswax content, John van G lipsticks are long lasting and leave the lips beautifully moisturised. With lots of fashionable shades to choose from, there is a colour to suit everyone.

  Wine J471  
  Apricot J436  
  Berry J464  
  Berry Nude J28  
  Bitter Sweet J437  
  Blood Red J5  
  Brown Sugar J34  
  Bubblegum J497  
  Champ Bubbles J52N  
  Champagne Pearl J451  
  Citrus Rose J92  
  Copper J64N  
  Divine J445  
  Frozen Fawn J32  
  Light Cocoa J20  
  Notorious J44  
  Nude J37  
  Perfectly Pink J80  
  Pink Sorbet J77  
  Pink Velvet J82N  
  Plum J54  
  Plum Amethyst J498  
  Purple Burst J487  
  Red Savannah J74  
  Rosy Glow J26  
  Russet J459  
  Rust J63  
  Sienna J38  
  Spice J23  
  Tropical Twist J95  

Soft Touch Lip Liner £6.95


This pencil has a soft, creamy consistency, allowing you to comfortably draw a precise and clear outline. This will emphasise the shape of your lips whilst also stopping the lipstick from ‘bleeding’ into the tiny lip lines. By using one of these it will also give the lips a fuller look to them.


  Brown STLL5  
  Coral STLL36  
  Deep Plum STLL92  
  Fuchsia STLL90  
  Light Brown STLL58  
  Mid Brown STLL56  
  Pink Sorbet STLL80  
  Red STLL6  
  Rose Petal Pink STLL83


JVG Base / Top Coat £9.50


This clear polish can be applied as both a base and a top coat to the nail. The base coat acts as a protective barrier, it gives a smoother surface and prevents pigments from discolouring the nail. The top coat glosses well and guards against chipping.

Nail Polish Colour Collection £9.50


JvG nailpolish gives an excellent coverage, dries fast and is long lasting.

  Flesh N54  
  Apricot N118  
  Barbie N155  
  Berry Blossom N37  
  Black Cherry N312  
  Black Satin N223  
  Blood Red N5  
  Cinnamon N124N  
  Cool Grey N106  
  Cranberry N56  
  Dark Angel N31N  
  Deep Damson N26  
  Hot Pink N7  
  Mud N96  
  Muted Mushroom N112  
  Neon Pink N52N  
  Orange Sorbet N114  
  Pearl N97  
  Praline N23  
  Purple Passion N151  
  Purple Rain N316  
  Shimmering Candy N137  
  Shimmering Midnight Blue N138  
  Sparkly Cherry N280  
  Sparkly Purple N275  
  Stonewash N117  
  Vert N121


Loose Powder £15.50


A high quality transparent powder essential for the perfect finish to any make-up. It will give the face a silky, matt appearance and increase the durability of the                                                             make-up. Presented in a handy sized jar with a powder                                                    puff.

  Translucent P7

Compressed Powder £17.50


A compressed powder manufactured from valuable raw materials and gives the skin a smooth and velvety appearance. The use of high quality ingredients                                makes the powder especially soft and creamy and grooms the skin. Presented                        in a compact form with sponge applicator.


  Biscuit CP8  
  Porcelain CP1  
  Warmth CP4

Compressed Powder Refill


Refill powder to clip into your existing compact.


  Porcelain RCP1  
  Warmth RCP4

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